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The UK's ONLY "Dedicated Street Dance Academy"
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What is "Street Dance"?

Street dance, also called commercial dance is an umbrella term, used to describe dance styles that evolved outside of dance studios in everyday spaces such as streets, School yards and nightclubs. Street dance is also commonly used to identify the many hip-hop and funk dance styles that began appearing in the USA in the 1970s and are still alive and evolving within hip-hop culture today. These styles include Street Jazz, Locking, Popping, House, Vougue, Wacking, Breaking etc.

  • (Q) How Old Do I Need To Be To Join AJ DANCE PRODUCTIONS? 
  • (A) AJ DANCE PRODUCTIONS Is Open To Anybody Aged 4 - 18 

  • (Q) I Would Like To Join, When Should I Attend?
  • (A) See our Time "Table & Fees Page" To See Which Class Would Best Suit You. If You Are Unsure, Contact Us & We Will Be Pleased To Advise You.

  • (Q) I'm A Trained  / Experienced Dancer, Will The Class Benefit Me?
  • (A) Yes! The Senior & Competition Classes Are Aimed At Experienced / Professional Dancers.  

  • (Q) Have The Teachers at AJ DANCE PRODUCTIONS Been Police Checked?
  • (A) Yes! All Staff at AJ DANCE PRODUCTIONS Have Undergone A Full Enhanced Disclosure Police CRB Check (now called DBS).

  • (Q) Do I Need To Wear Specific Clothing?
  • (A) For New Students There Is No Specific Uniform, Just Comfortable, Loose Clothing. Please See Below For A List Of Acceptable Clothes & Footware. However After A Period Of One Month Students Will Be Required To Get An "AJ DANCE" T-shirt To Be Worn To All Classes & Events & An "AJ DANCE" jacket To Be Worn To Shows, Festivals, Competitions etc. 

  • (Q) Are Refreshments Available?
  • (A) No, Students Should Bring A Bottle Of Water With Them. NO Fizzy Drinks Or Food / Snacks Are Allowed In Class.

  • (Q) Are There Toilet Facilities At The Classes?
  • (A) Yes, Male & Female Toilet Facilities Are Available To Use At All Classes.

  • (Q) Are There, Changing Facilities Available At The Classes?
  • (A) Students May Change Within The Toilets If Neccesary But All Students Should Come To Class In Thier Dance Wear.

  • (Q) What Do I Need To Bring To Class With Me?
  • (A) Students Should Bring Chosen Footwear To Change Into And If Desired A Bottle Of Water.

  • (Q) Can A Friend / Family Member Watch The Class?
  • (A) No. Due To Child Protection Laws, Friends Or Family Are Not Permitted To Watch The Classes, Also It Wouldn't Be Fair On Other Students, If Everyone Brought A Friend The Number Of People In The Room Would Double. Also, Only Registered Students Are Covered By Our Insurance. However If You Have  Friend Interested In Joining Us They May Come & Take Part In The Class.Parents are free to wait in our reception area while students are in class.

Acceptable Dress For Class: AJ DANCE T-SHIRT, Tracksuits, Combat Pants, Jazz Pants, Sweat Pants, Jazz Shoes / Boots, Dance Boots, Trainers (Must Be Clean And Not Worn Outdoors), T-shirts, Loose Fitting Tops. Please See Our Links Page For Dancewear Suppliers & Details Of Student Discounts

None Acceptable Dress: Skirts, Jeans, Beach wear, High Heeled Shoes Or Boots, Revealing Clothing Of Any Sort, Restrictive Clothing. FOR SAFETY REASONS NO JEWELLERY MAY BE WORN IN ANY CLASS

             If you have any further questions please feel free to ask by filling in the form on the"contact us" page